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How to Change Your Accountant

Changing Accountants?

Thinking of changing to a new accountant, it is very simple just a few easy steps.
  • First you will need to verify your identify with the new accountant using your driver's license and provide your tax file number.
  • Your new accountant can contact your old accountant, with your permission, to request any records they hold be transferred over to the new accountant.
  • The new accountant then adds you to their tax lodgment list and start working with you.

Things to consider before changing Accountants?

  • Consider the timing of the change. It is best to choose a time when there is little active business between you and your existing accountant. Choose a date when neither party is waiting on payment or an action. This will help improve the changeover.
  • Before you leave your existing accountant, check the details of your agreement with them to make sure there is no reason for the accountant to question or refuse the transfer your records to the new accountant.
  • Make sure that you have fulfilled your end of the agreement, with your existing accountant, then they should have no legitimate reason to refuse your requests when changing over.

Reasons why would you want to change your accountant?

There are lots of reasons why you may be looking for a new accountant.
  • You are unhappy with the level of service the accountant provides.
  • Your accountant has provided poor advice that have caused problems with the ATO.
  • You can find a better level of personalised advice & tax planning elsewhere.
  • Your accountant is unapproachable and rarely available to handle urgent problems.
  • You disagree with the fees being charged and have found a more reasonable priced Accountant.
  • Your accountant doesn’t provide a cloud accounting solution.
  • Your company has changed, and your current accountant doesn't have the knowledge to assist you.
  • You have started a new business venture and need assistance in setting up the financial structure.

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