claiming motor vehicle expenses

Claiming Motor Vehicle Expenses

Claiming Business Motor Vehicle Expenses

There are two methods to claim work of business-related motor vehicle expenses.

There’s no one size fits all answer as to which method best suits your circumstances.

  1. Logbook method, where you keep a motor vehicle logbook for 12 consecutive weeks so you can establish your work-related percentage and your business travel is more than 5,000 kilometres for the year.  Then you can use this percentage to claim a portion of your motor vehicle expenses for the year.  You will need to keep detailed receipts to make a claim.

  2. Alternatively, you can claim up to 5,000 business/ work related kilometres on a cents per kilometre basis.
    You still need to provide a reasonable basis on which you have come to your estimated kilometres claimed.

If you would like advise or help from a friendly professional accountant with:-

  • Advise on setting up your Business Accounts and claiming for Business Motor Vehicle Expenses.
  • Completing your tax return and claiming your deductions.
  • Quarterly Business Activity Statement lodgement.
  • Choosing the correct PAYG Instalment method on your BAS.
  • Income and Tax estimates in May or June, so you can make decisions prior to 30 June to minimize your tax liability and understand what is payable and when.
  • Business Planning

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Visit the ATO website for up to date details on claiming a tax deduction for motor vehicle expenses

claiming tax deductions for motor vehicles

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